College Counseling

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The college counseling process at Holy Child strives to uphold the vision of Cornelia Connelly, who created an educational program where the uniqueness and dignity of every person was paramount. The individuality of each student is respected and valued, and the college selection process reflects that individuality. Each student is guided to focus her efforts on finding a college or university that is a good match for her–a place where she will continue to grow, to learn, and to move toward reaching her own potential.

In keeping with the mission of the Network of Holy Child Schools, the college counseling process endeavors to develop mature persons capable of making choices which enrich their own lives and contribute to the lives of others. Students develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their particular aspirations, and they gain the confidence to make decisions that will allow them to lead fulfilling and meaningful lives.

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Selecting a college is such an important decision, one that is filled with both excitement and so often a large dose of uncertainty. With our student-centered approach, I work extensively with each girl and her family to ensure that she is applying to a selection of colleges that best fit her individual talents, goals, abilities. It is a personal decision, one that is made after careful consideration, discussion, and research.

With the resources we have gathered, and the individual and groups meetings that we hold regularly, students are actively engaged in this process, researching and investigating the vast array of colleges and universities across the country.

Holy Child is a member of the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) and affirms its Statement of Principles of Good Practice, a code of ethical conduct that articulates the responsibilities of college members, secondary school members, and independent counselors in the admission process. In addition, Holy Child affirms NACAC’s Statement of Students’ Rights and Responsibilities in the College Admission Process.

Although college counseling is primarily focused on students and their families during the junior and senior years, questions that students or their parents may have throughout their time at Holy Child are welcomed.

It is an exciting journey; I encourage you all to be organized, arm yourself with facts, but above all, have fun with the process.

Visiting Colleges

When you’ve decided to visit a campus, contact the admissions office by phone or on the Web. Let the college know what date you’d like to come and the approximate time you expect to arrive. If you want to stay overnight in a residence hall, ask if they can make arrangements. They might also be able to plan for you to talk with a professor, coach, or the director of one of your interest areas.

During your visit, try to meet with someone from the admissions office or attend an information session. Take a tour of the campus, talk to students, have a meal in the dining hall (many colleges will treat you), pick up copies of the student newspaper, and read the bulletin boards. Some colleges will also arrange for you to sit in on a class. Talk to as many people as possible because individual views on a college can vary widely.


We help with a variety of tests that Holy Child students take for college, including:

  • SAT Reasoning Test
  • SAT Subject Tests
  • ACT Assessment
  • AP Exams

College Financial Aid

Learn more about the FAFSA and five steps to take. What is the The College Scholarship Service (CSS) Profile? Also frequently asked questions and a glossary of terms is included to help you navigate the college search experience.

Four-Year Plan

9th Grade

  • Establish your study habits, maintain good grades
  • Get involved in activities in and out of school that you enjoy
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  • Familiarize yourself with the Academic Support Office, Math Lab, and Writing Center
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10th Grade

  • Continue to maintain good grades and stay focused on your academics
  • Stay involved in extracurricular and volunteer activities you are passionate about
  • October: attend lunch with College Counseling office to discuss college process, how to understand your transcript, receive PSAT study guide
  • October: take PSAT
  • December: receive PSAT results; meet with Director of College Counseling to review strengths and weaknesses
  • January: attend AP/Honors class interest meeting to understand expectations and requirements
  • February: meet with US Academic Dean and your advisor one-on-one to discuss junior schedule – make sure that you are appropriately challenged
  • On your days off consider visiting college campuses
  • April: meet with college counseling office to be introduced to and enrolled in Family Connection
  • May: meet with college counseling office to get recommendations on how to spend your summer prepping for junior year: consider classes, employment and using time productively
  • Check the College Counseling bulletin board for summer opportunities on college campuses
  • May: meet with junior Religion Teacher to discuss approval process for completing junior service hours in the summer

11th Grade

  • Academic performance is your top priority: learning and grades!!
  • Stay involved in extracurricular and volunteer activities you are passionate about
  • Consider leadership opportunities: student council, clubs, athletics, arts, service, etc.
  • Check Family Connection frequently to sign up for college representative visits at Holy Child
  • Check Family Connection and the College Counseling bulletin board for information on off campus college fairs
  • September: attend Junior Student/Parent College Night
  • October: begin attending College Counseling classes
  • November: complete Personality Assessment and Resume in Family Connection
  • You will begin to receive information from colleges – create your college binder
  • Begin preparing to take the ACT or SAT in the spring – start test prep/tutoring, register for spring ACT, SAT or SAT Subject Tests (if necessary)
  • Meet with Academic Support Office to begin process of registering for extended time (if applicable)
  • Register with the NCAA Clearinghouse if you are considering playing sports in college; request transcripts be sent to NCAA
  • February: meet one-on-one with the Director of College Counseling to discuss Holy Child’s graduation requirements and senior schedule
  • February/March: take SAT/ACT prep class at Holy Child
  • March: attend Jesuit College Fair at Holy Child
  • Spring Break: continue to visit college campuses you are interested in
  • April: continue College Counseling classes – thorough discussion of the college process
  • Continue to update your resume to include honors, leadership activities, service, employment
  • May: College Counseling will visit English classes to discuss the college essay
  • May: take AP exams
  • May: ask teachers (in person) to write letters of recommendation; follow up with a confirmation email before you leave for summer break
  • Summer: continue to visit schools you are interested in; make an appointment with an admissions counselors, set up interviews if appropriate
  • Summer: register for the College Prep Class at Holy Child; start thinking about your college essay
  • The Common Application becomes available August 1st, and most college applications are available in late July/early August – begin creating accounts and completing applications online

12th Grade

  • Grades are still your top priority!
  • Remember that mid-year grades are sent to colleges Stay involved in extracurricular and volunteer activities you are passionate about
  • Continue leadership roles: student council, clubs, athletics, arts, service, etc.
  • Meet with the Director of College Counseling within the first few weeks of school to finalize your list of schools and confirm deadlines/how you plan to apply
  • Provide teachers with your updated resume and transcript in your recommendation folder
  • Use Family Connection and blue sheets to request transcripts for colleges and scholarships
  • Sign up for college representative visits at Holy Child on Family Connection and on the College Counseling bulletin board
  • September: complete all applications for early decision and early action– have parents review application information. Students should submit their applications well in advance of college deadlines
  • Applications for Early Decision/Early Action are usually due by November 1st
  • September: register for ACT/SAT if still needed
  • December: parents attend Financial Aid Night at Holy Child
  • January 1st: FAFSA becomes available online
  • Be aware of scholarship deadlines, if appropriate
  • January: students request mid-year grades to be sent to colleges
  • April: review college acceptances and financial aid awards; visit college campuses before making decisions
  • May: take AP exams
  • May 1st: deadline to notify colleges of acceptance. Do not double deposit! Notify college counseling office of final decision
  • May: attend Transition to College Meeting
  • Spring/Summer: attend accepted student programs

College Counseling Staff

Meg Mayo
Director of College Counseling
301.365.0955 x2115

Karin Wells
Associate Director of College Counseling
Senior Internship Coordinator
301.365.0955 x2240

301.365.0981 (fax)
Holy Child’s School Code: 210838

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